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IEG Musimbe and Partners

IEG MUSIMBE AND PARTNERS was founded by Mr. IEG Musimbe in July 1996. Mr. IEG Musimbe set up the law firm based upon his vision of establishing a vibrant, innovative and professional law firm, which would give clients highly efficient personalized legal services. He wanted to demystify the long and old tradition, of legal practitioners being inaccessible and rigid in their approach of delivery services to clients.

Before proceeding to set up the law firm in July 1996, IEG Musimbe graduated from the University of Zimbabwe law school and went on to practice with two leading law firms for a period of four years namely Messrs Honey and Blanckenberg legal practitioners and the then Messrs McNaught and Wickwar legal practitioners. This gives him firm footing and experience in creating a professional law firm, which would achieve his outlined vision.

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